Is a company that focuses on working with ​​People Development: Coaching for Youth,  Professionals and Teams, Golden Years Entrepreneurs; 
Customizable and Interactive Workshops and Lectures.

We believe in building bridges and in reinventing limiting beliefs that may stand on the way of your goals. Our passion is to help individuals and teams to surpass their challenges in all spheres of life through effective tools that will lead to self-knowledge, thus increasing performance and satisfaction in a holistic way. Sustainable change comes from within, and what we do now shapes our future.

Maria Vilela George

My passion is to inspire people and teams to channel their strengths and unleash hidden potential to achieve their professional goals. My mission is to help organizations seeking to align their talent development strategies with business objectives, by enabling increased collaboration and team synergy.


Over 30 years of experience in the corporate world, I started my own company, Connect Coaching.us and the program "Coaching Without Borders".

Through my diverse experience with coaching methods, positive psychology, personality assessments, I speak the corporate language and am able customize programs to the unique needs of each client.

I’m an international certified coach by the Latino American Society of Coaching (accredited by IAC); Enneagram by School of the Enneagram; Trainer of Points of You (accredited by ICF), and Mindfulness practitioner. Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Psychology, specialization in Human Resources Management, Marketing and International Business.


Specialties: Executive Coaching, Organizational Development, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Career Coaching, Youth Career Coaching, Team Building.